Mergui Archipel – The Last Gem in the Andaman Sea

Sail and dive in Phuket with OrcasLast November, Team Nakamal (Dieter & Ay), the local guide (Jojo) and 3 guests from Switzerland (Yves, Sasha and Roberto) made a discovery cruise deep into the heart of the Mergui Archipelago on board S/Y Nakamal.

The Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar (Burma) consists of more than 800 pristine islands, much more than the whole of Thailand. Currently, there is only 1 resort in the area.
Some islands are inhabited by burmese fisherman or Moken sea gypsies. It’s the perfect sailing area for an adventure and diving cruise. And because there are so many islands you never have to travel far to the next anchorage. That gives you more precious time for diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

The Mergui Archipel is like Thailand 100 years ago: originally and uninhabited. Each island looks like from a Barcardi commercial! Unspoiled beaches with a wide range of wild animals such as monkeys or lizards. During our 24 day trip through the area, we’ve only seen once an other tourist boat, a dive boat from Thailand which was also heading towards black rock for a fabulous dive experience.

Sailing and Diving - Mergui Archipelagos BurmaOther than that, we only met occasionally Burmese fishing boats and kabangs, the traditional vessel of the Moken sea gypsies.
After 2 weeks cruising in this spectacular estuary, we thought that this experience couldn’t be topped. We were wrong! As we headed north towards tower rock, Roberto suddenly shouted: Orcas!!!! Everybody was on deck immediately and looked where Roberto was pointing to. And there they came, 2 mighty orcas that were swimming straight towards us. Everybody was excited! Then, they stared to investigate the vessel. When they moved away, we gently followed them. After we stopped that, they would come back over and over again. We just had to wait and be patient. The experienced diver and sailing cameraman captain Dieter was the first to take the chance to snorkel with these majestic creatures and capture the moment with his gopro camera! Occasionally, there was only one arm’s length between the Orcas and him!!! But watch the movie: a picture says more that 1000 words, a movie probably more than a million…

Video – Orcas around our Sailing Yacht

Here’s the outcome, a footage composed by the recordings from all participants on board the sailing yacht S/Y Nakamal. You too can experience the wonders of the Mergui Archipel onboard S/Y Nakamal. Just check if Nakamal is still available during your preferred time period for the next saison.

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  1. Amazing! I recently moved to Myanmar and I would love to go diving in the Mergui Archipel. Any good advice?

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